Your family relationships Having lived some time together, you begin to wonder, at what level are your relationship, isn’t it time for something to change in them. This test will help you to sort out your doubts. The test consists of two parts: for wife and husband. For each question, select one of three answers: “Yes”, “rarely”, “no”.

Questions for husband

1. Whether you spend at least half of their free time with his wife?

2. Do you use every opportunity to praise his wife, to Express their admiration for her?

3. Abstain if you compare wife with your mother or wife, another for cooking, farming, if the comparison is not in favor of your wife?

4. Do you show interest in the intellectual life of the wife, the books she reads, her addictions?

5. Thank you wife for the services that it provides (washing etc.)?

6. Do you allow her to communicate with other men and receive their friendly attentions, without making jealous remarks?

7. Are you watching for, not to criticize his wife in the presence of strangers?

8. Do you still care for her, presenting her gifts, providing constant attentions?

9. Do you allow her some of the money from the General budget to spend on your own?

10. Do you try to understand the problems of the wife and help her in difficult times?

Questions for wife

1. Whether you live by the interests of the husband?

2. Not are you comparing it with other more successful men?

3. Have you efforts to make your home more comfortable?

4. Do you give your husband complete freedom in his business?

5. Do you consider the tastes and interests of your husband when you buy certain things?

6. Do you try to spend your free time, taking into account the interests of your husband?

7. When the divergence of views whether you’re going on assignment?

8. Do you follow the news and other events, facts, to understand the intellectual interests of her husband?

9. Refrain you from criticism of her husband’s friends?

10. Diversify the menu?

11. Have you effort to live in harmony with the husband’s mother and his other relatives?

12. Express you discontent with how your husband manages your time?

13. Are you able to withstand financial difficulties?


Count the total number of points. The answer is “Yes” is estimated at 0 points, “rarely” – 1 point, “no” – 2 points.

The test results

0-5 points. Your family life and established the relationship between you is quite prosperous. Your marriage partner feels gratitude towards you. Your opinion is of great importance for him. Partner sees in you I’m a great conversationalist, reliable and caring friend.

5-10 points. In your relationship there is some instability. Sometimes indifference on your part. But conflict does not occur.

10-15 points. Of your family relationships are strained. Each spouse feels the frustration. Between you, there is a profound misunderstanding. The partner is not interested in the cause of your actions and thinks you are selfish(ohms). All this leads to frequent quarrels and conflicts in the family. Spouse(s) because of this finds other Hobbies, is not associated with family life. The reasons lie in your frivolous and sometimes selfish attitude towards the partner and his feelings. You need to think about it, and as soon as possible.

15-20 points. Your family relationships are on the verge of rupture. Your partner is only formally considers himself your spouse. Each of you own life, you are foreign to the understanding. It’s possible that your partner already have other interests that are not related to the family.

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