Women's secrets to preserve family relations.Married, every woman dreams of that once and for all. Actually, a happy marriage and family relations is the result of conscious creativity. Happiness for two entirely depends on the woman, it is important to know a few everyday intricacies of family relationships and to use them skillfully. Should not expect in this business for a man, you are the creators of our own happiness. Any woman can “grow” the man of her dreams. But if not be sure to choose the perfect partner, try to practice living together before marriage. Here and start giving recipes how to preserve family relationships in perfect harmony: To do this, keep it in all endeavors, not criticize for failure, because only a confident man becomes successful. Family relationships becomes stronger, the husband and wife should live alone interests. Common Hobbies, about the same dynamics of development of individuals is the basis of family relations. Try to spend more time together, but also allow yourself to enjoy each other. Let the man and not excessively covet it. Dear ladies, remember, marriage — family relationships will become stronger if you learn to understand each other. Therefore, more talk about everything that bothers you in your family relationships. Man is easier to fulfill specific wishes and requests, it is unlikely he will be guessing what you do not like or what to give for the holiday. Indeed, pleasant to receive the coveted gifts, then you need to talk about their dreams. And don’t forget to be grateful for his efforts to please, it contributes to the development of family relations. It is also important to remember that the man is very attached to his mother, so respect her and believe me, he will owe it to you. Of course, all your efforts to please his intended, should not be bigotry, never forget about yourself beloved. Look after yourself, love yourself and be engaged in self-improvement, in order to be interesting husband. Every man wants to be proud of your woman, tell your friends about her beauty, intelligence and achievements. Let him this weakness. Now the main thing. In 90% of the success of family relations depends on sexual harmony. Typically, after several years of marriage, the passion fades, please do not allow this, develop sexually. For this study a thematic literature, together with my husband and watch movies about love, talk about your sexual fantasies, learn erotic massage. offer to study with oral petting or offer to diversify so familiar missionary position. Be selfish in sex, because sexual satisfaction is directly linked to your mood. And this is the main secret of family happiness. It is the woman who creates the atmosphere in the house, making their loved ones happy. Largely depends on it, what children will grow, and become successful husband, so before you ask yourself or others the question of how to preserve family relationships remember two rules: love and respect your family. Remember that mood is reflected on your face. Your happiness is in your hands, dear ladies, keep it and cherish it. (Vote and become the first!) Loading.


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