The harmony of family relations through Reiki Of family psychology published a lot of literature and family psychologists are constantly working on the issue of harmony in the relations between men and women in the family are given an optimal solution in communication. We already understand that men and women in the pair can speak different love languages (Gary Chapman “the Five Languages of Love” ), psychologists have studied the causes of divorce, reasons for change, the objects of fear and the correct interpretation of jealousy.

The relationship of men and women in couples are studied by many psychologists specializing matters of family psychology.

John gray has devoted more than a dozen years deep study of communication problems between “Marianini and Venerance”, You are probably familiar with his international bestseller “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. “Men, women and relationships”. “Recipes happy relationship”

In his writings Dr. gray makes it clear to the audience that understanding in the family occurs only as a result of constant communication between the partners, where it clarifies the causes of certain emotions and resentments and how you can cure the senses and fill the personal relations of love and respect.

Family psychology – thin science, including how and psycho characters and partners, and stereotypes upbringing and tendencies of the society in which they are located and accordingly the impact on behaviour.

How is it that sometimes completely different people, meeting decide to unite their hearts and to define their relations to social status, which means a different level of relationship: exists and where the maintenance of a joint life, and cohabitation. After a certain time couples often have a number of questions that typically appear when the kitchen there are two different people with different tastes, when in the bathroom need to share space for accessories with their spouse and try to watch together on TV.

It would seem that the feeling of loving hearts connected, should firmly hold the manners and temperament of the partners, in any way will not allow them to prevail over the respect and happiness of being together, then what is the reason for any misunderstandings and conflicts, sometimes resulting in some serious scandals and with often irreversible consequences.

Emotional outbursts usually leave a negative impact and can destructively affect the future relations and the formation of the mental health of both the partners and other family members.

Emotions-subjective psychological state, reflecting the experiences and attitudes of man to the world and people. Emotions are feelings, moods, stress, passion. All the manifestations of his activity are accompanied by emotional experiences. In humans, the main function of emotions is through emotions that we better understand each other, without using it, to judge the state of each other and it is better to re on joint activity and communication. (Psychological dictionary )

Competently Express your feelings and emotional state is an integral part of a positive result from any conflict or unwanted situation. To cope overflowing emotions and be more balanced and “heavy” in terms of bursts and pulses.

We understand that before proceeding to the harmonization of relations in the family, you need to start with personal harmonization, namely the analysis and work on yourself can give the results that you need to work on correct and good relations in the family.

Since we live in constant motion and turmoil, it is not always possible to stop and analyze a particular event in life, to understand what it was all connected or by which it all happened.

Our internal state is sometimes the voltage in the energy plan makes General destructiveness on both internal and external state.

In this case, You will be able to clearly identify the strengths and weaknesses of your psycho-emotional state, physical plan also needs support. We we carry out diagnostics of psycho-emotional and physical States and poderem the most suitable option of work.

For greater effect, pair with a partner could speed up the process, because Your condition and the condition of Your partner can have an impact not only on the relationship with You, but also with the people around You, work performance and creative basis, because emotions can take over our mind and everything should be done in time, preventing the chronic effects.

Adjusting your status, You save yourself a wide variety of psychosomatic disorders, adjusting your status You will see the progress and understanding of You by others, friends and colleagues.

This is a new and yet well-forgotten science of the ancient times, studying the energy-information exchange of man with his environment. Enio-Diagnostics — diagnostics of energy-information exchange and causal relations existing diseases or situations), it gives to understand what exactly is stopping You, is there any eniological infection You or Your loved ones, is there any kind of energy You connect to through resonant channels (paramony (sexual) channel; nekriticheski (lower astral); social (egregors) lateral to the various schools of energy resonance (vampirism) or may interfere in your work and business.

The correction is performed by acting on the chakras and meridians. doing is clearing the main channels – nadis (channels through which in accordance with the concepts of yoga and Tantra moves vital energy, prana or Qi) sushumna, Pingala and IDA – forming Yukta-Triveni responsible for the energy system of a person, the closure of these channels leads to loss of strength, weakness, malaise, disease.

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