18No. Don’t always have the chance to prove family relationships. If the spouses do not want to work on this, and the family has no chance. In any other scenario, I think there’s a chance.

Love and purposeful woman can work wonders. And well being and warmth in family relationships is always work and the merit of women. That she should only often is a colossal effort.

If a man shuts, he probably feels too much attention and pressure to the person. Reduce your speed, adjust the heat and turn your attention on yourself.

Attempts to talk, to understand in relationships with men usually cause negativity and stress, try to change their behavior and man will change.

Take care of yourself, your appearance, self-development, in particular the development of femininity, often rejoice yourself and get plenty of rest.

Read, look for the key information about the role of men and women in the family and take on the female, and the man leave the male (lectures p. Narushevich you).

Give your man three things: taking it for what it is, trust that he can handle safely and everything will be decided without your control and appreciation of oral, Flirty and regular in all his large and small feats. And that’s all! Care to Express themselves and their children.

Honestly, Semites themselves and their business. Rejoice yourself, indulge, get enough sleep, learn what you are interested, walk, obsacles with friends, dance.


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