5What are family relationships?

What is family conflict?

How to resolve conflicts between parents and children?

A great many Proverbs put people on family relationships: “according to the family, so goes the case very well”, “the family has the disorder, and the house is not happy”. Let’s see what the basis of family relationships.

“Family treasure – happy to be”

The family is based on three types of relationships: marriage, roditeljstvo, kinship.

After marriage the couple appear in relation to each other certain rights and responsibilities. Duties of husband and wife are to build family relations on the basis of mutual respect and mutual aid, to care for the welfare of the family and their children.

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Family consisting of parents and children, older and younger generations, is called two-generational. If the family living together parents, children, grandparents and other relatives, the family is called an extended, multi generation, i.e. the family expanded with three or four generations of relatives. In Russia, the countries of Western Europe and the USA dominated the two-generation families, they make up more than 70%.

What kind of family (two-generation or multi generation) is depicted in the picture? Explain your answer.

In human nature laid to show respect for elders and care in relation to Junior.

Heartfelt, sincere relationships in the family contribute to the fact that children respect their parents, appreciate them and strive to be like them, which ultimately gives children a good moral quality. Children who feel in relation to his care, love and trust your elders, learn to relate to others.

The relationship between parents and children are different. In some families a very warm and friendly, while others are cold and hostile. In the first case, the main means of education are the focus and the promotion, the second is excessive strictness and punishment. But in each of these options, parents want their children to grow up decent, kind, considerate people.

Family conflicts

It is established that the origin of 90% of all children’s nervous shocks play a critical role family conflicts.

No family, no other community of people, not without conflict.

The conflict means that family relations are the problems. A transition to a different quality of relationship between people.

Thus, the conflict can resolve the accumulated problems. Like a storm, it clears the air and the atmosphere in the family.

Causes of marital conflicts are numerous: different views on family life; unkindness, violence, disrespect to each other; the inability to communicate; bad habits; the unwillingness of the husband to help his wife in household chores; household disorder; disrespectful attitude of the husband to the wife’s relatives and Vice versa; differences in intellectual interests and needs.

And of course, the lack of understanding between parents and children.

Do you know any ways to resolve conflicts in the family?

Conflicts between parents and children

Studies show that the relationship between children and parents in most cases are formed quite harmoniously. When there is a conflict, its causes can be the following five circumstances:

Lifestyle . The most common causes of friction are disputes on the following issues:

the choice of friends;

partying, dance halls, discotheques, etc.;

the nature of time and idleness;

time coming home and going to bed;

the choice of clothing or hairstyle.

Usually parents complain that teenagers are never home and spend all of their time outside the family. They are trying to strictly regulate the time of your home, and even a place where they can be children.

Responsibility . Almost always parents criticize teenagers for what they do not show enough responsibility. The requirement for responsible conduct deals with the following questions:

performing chores around the house;

respect for the personal belongings, clothing, and housing.

School . Learning, behaviour and attitudes to school constantly attract the attention of parents. Parents worry:

the educational attainment of children;

the behaviour of children in school;



their attitudes to school and teachers.

About school between children and parents are contradictions. Eleven years alone go to school, and eleven others worry about them.

Relationships in the family . Conflicts between parents and adolescents usually occur when:

demonstrative disrespect to parents;

quarrels teenagers with brothers and sisters;

complex relationship of adolescents with family – especially with elderly grandparents.

In the teenage parents tend to see helpers who can replace them in some household chores. They lay, and rightfully so, high hopes for them. But not always, hopes are justified.

Moral values . Here are the main reasons leading to conflicts:

Smoking teen use of alcohol and drugs;

obscene speech and youth slang;


relationships with the opposite sex;

failure to comply with a teenager laws.

Since 12 years girls begin to quarrel with their parents because of the boys, but the peak of the conflict usually falls on 14 or 15 years. Boys he accounted for 16 years. Girls more often than boys, complaining of family problems.

Therefore, there is not conflict-free families, there are families where little or a lot of conflict. Fear not the conflicts themselves, and their inability to resolve and manage them. When the General atmosphere of harmony in the family quarrels have its positive side in that it gives the opportunity to better understand the relationships between parents and children.

What are the ways to resolve the conflict? All family members, not just parents, need to learn to respect the feelings and desires of each other, to settle the differences.


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