Family relationshipsThe relationship that we had with my husband before we moved to this wonderful island were amazing, you could even say, fabulous. Anyone who has seen our family, admired how harmoniously what they see and feel in contact with us. I worshipped her husband. He was everything to me.

He was the one for whom I wanted to live and I in any disaster of any scale, knew exactly what it was he for whom, whatever happens, I must survive, even in the catastrophe of a global nature. To survive for the sake of it even when all matter will rise and tell me that’s not possible.

When I looked into his eyes, there was the whole world and even the fact that I can not while to remember, but seeing this, realized that it is dear and necessary for me

When we arrived at this island of Hispaniola, everything has changed dramatically.

We saw another side of you. When people have adapted to live in the metropolis, it seems that everything is fine and that is better just does not happen. We the people are absolutely secured. We had everything and yet here we are faced with the understanding that it is impossible.

We liked in the evenings and early mornings to walk around the big city. Out on the promenade and look at the high sky with distant stars. We liked the street noise of the metropolis, who have a distinctive voice. The rhythm of the metropolis affected the rhythm of our existence and we did not even know HOW. We only thought that we were absolutely not hurt the social environment, which dwelt in the metropolis space.

We thought we relaxed and calm. And you thought love — it is the same everywhere and were sure that we remembered enough about how able to love and appreciate, appreciate each other people. But we just thought it seemed to us… Though actually, we were on the surface of life in a noisy voice of the metropolis, which drowned out even the opportunity to see that this ocean of life, also have depth.

We were here excellent conditions of life, everything was at the highest level, but this level, he was on the same value, and the quality, like being on another planet. And we felt like fish from one body of water, moved to another.

Slow life, affected the inertia of our speed of life rhythm. It seemed that something was missing. Like eyes can see that everything is there and even more than before, but the feeling accompanied us all the first 6 months. Stone bag large high-rise buildings, wide streets and the noise of running life, that it seemed the missing factor.

We have everything to go nowhere in particular. Metropolis in the Dominican Republic have not inspired us. Because we went there for a little accustomed to the free space and freshness greenery, and the metropolis, he anywhere, metropolis.

In the end, we realized that the place where we arrived was the best, most secured and saturated everything you can think of in a person’s life. It is a city of millionaires, Las Terrenas.

I won’t describe what happened with us, because today I’m writing about what happened to the relationship in this situation. If you come here as a tourist, it was quite something, when you come to live here. The fast pace of life fell and let go of consciousness very slowly. We got used to peace, physical peace, which was unknown to us previously physically.

Temporary visits to some places of leisure, where you can feel the tranquility and physically to stay, «», it was totally not what we face here, where was our home. turned into a permanent way of life. And it strongly affected the relationship between us.

We saw a very strange pattern that we no longer live in two different entities, what you can feel, on request, in the metropolis. Body people who love each other, began to operate synchronously and it seemed that the nervous system was one for two.

It was very strange and unusual, because my husband and I are very different in character. I am very calm, and my husband is very emotional and impulsive. And in this period, the nervous system was one for two. I was the oddest to me condition, slightly reminiscent of the experiences that my husband lived.

And it was covered with such a deep calm that seemed intimidating. And all this happened not in some magical reason, but simply due to the fact that the cases here a little, worries not just to find and silence accompanies the consciousness 24 hours a day. We have become more sensitive to themselves. And we were able to see even what was previously available only in special cases and only in special situations.

He demonstrated his quality, very strange for both of us. We have almost nothing to say. Because when I start to speak, he continues aloud my thought and the ability to communicate disappears. And in love and in a relationship of any kind, was always regarded as VERY important, to be able to communicate with each other.

To compromise and agree, to give in and walk away from a possible dispute or conflict. So, I lost what I previously thought that possessed excellent. I felt disarmed and just undressed. Completely emotionally naked. At first it seemed kinda funny, and then, the silence between us sometimes began to press. Because life in the metropolis did not silently taught us to love each other and just LIVE without loving words or actions, proving the love.

Later, we realized that love, it don’t depends on what we are able to do together. It just is and we just are. We are all in a very simple and secured the world where there is no need even to explain. And when our relationship has lost even necessary in speech, we noticed that WE are ONE BEING, with one nervous and mental system.

That we matter, which has lost dependence to calculate the time and even focus on it for allegedly comforts of life. We are seeing that reference point in time, does not make life more convenient, but rather puts her in restraints, steel only feel 4 stages of the day. And this allowed us to notice what we never expected any of us.

We are such an organism that LIVES. And the habit of living in the metropolis, even thinking freely and properly feeding and observing all the rules of healthy life, took all our attention, we become able to NOTICE that WE LIVE in. The life of the BODY was opened, as a gift humanoid, you’re always in the minds interacted, but never heard feedback.

And during the realization of the simplest, most wonderful thing in people’s LIFE, I saw my wife, MYSELF. I took him in. Not the man that I love without memory. Not the most perfect being, without which I don’t even know anything about the probability of its existence, and OURSELVES. And not an extension of my body, he’s not some part of me. Ya HE IS And it shows. Simply, naturally and effortlessly memories about who we are and where.

We were ready to see ourselves from the outside. We decided to have another child.

Since then, we have new traditions to life with each other. Falling asleep, he takes me in his arms and heart with heart, beating in unison, creating a Symphony which lulls. But lulls not like before, failed somewhere and dreams. And dreams where we stay together and we keep in touch, neither in sleep nor waking.

Waking up, we are no longer jump up quickly in the sun, happily resorting to the charge, as it were. We ENJOY what WE HAVE.

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