Family relationsFamily relations – crises In General, the problems of the newly-married young people’s problems than those couples who have lived together for many years. As parents of very young children are faced with some difficulties, and parents of teenagers – with other and different problems arise between husband and wife depending on how many years they married. These problems are called familial crises, and to successfully overcome them, spouses need to learn to interact in new ways, and, depending on the changing flow of life and circumstances, to develop new rules of communication. Some problems the family decides easily; others can cause the glowing relationship. For example, in one family having a baby can cause conflicts and aggravation, in another of these difficulties may not be. Typical life situations, often provoking a crisis in relations: The appearance of the child The reasons for the deterioration of relations at this stage: · the Reluctance of couples to all appeared difficulties. · Postpartum depression of the mother. · the Need to rebuild only the well-established family relationships in a new way. · The jealousy of one of the spouses to the appearance of the child, who now pays almost all the attention. · conflicts between other relatives. After the birth of a child, two families, usually lumped even more. In the young family often visited by guests. Families may not converge in opinion, what name to give the child, how to raise it, and what to teach. · Domestic difficulties. The newly-minted parents have to learn to solve many new problems.· The mother may feel the deficiency of self-realization, since its activity is mainly limited to family. She can feel dissatisfaction and envy, seeing active life husband. In marriage problems begin because the wife begins to show her husband the requirement of help with the baby, while the husband may be feeling of discomfort and the feeling that the wife and kids are bothering him. In the difficult task of keeping the family at this stage it is important to learn to listen to each other, to relate to the interests and desires of the partner with respect and understanding. The only way to overcome all difficulties and obstacles before the young family. The output of the mother’s work Family relationships can deteriorate for the following reasons: · Enroll your children in kindergarten /school. If the parents have no common view on how to raise a baby, their disagreement is becoming more apparent, as their educational activities now «made in people”. · The mother an opportunity to return to work, and it can be frightening this prospect, poppy as she feels that over the years of the decree lost qualification. It happens that the husband against the return of the wife to work because he doesn’t want to lose control over it. To establish the relationship in this period is possible with trust and mutual respect. Openness and honesty will help at this stage to mitigate the conflicts and not let them be converted to permanent dissatisfaction with each other. But building trust is not easy. This is very helpful to the development of tolerance and calm attitude to criticism. The routine of family life This period has also been called the “crisis of monotonicity”. At this stage, the couple begin to get tired of each other, as he studied each other almost thoroughly. Most often at this time of common interests becomes too little, the new can arise on the side. The consequence of this is that the family starts to break down, and the once close to each other, people are slowly moving away from each other. The crisis of monotonicity is quite difficult to overcome, and unfortunately, this is not for all couples. But for people who still want to stay together, nothing is impossible. Best to start with the search of new common interests. Alternatively, you can visit the store for adults to try to diversify their sexual life, or go together, without children, at a ski resort. Midlife crisis During this period, the couple usually begin to better recognize the level of their capabilities, and deeper thinking about the meaning of life. For this phase is often characterized by the need to care for their elderly parents, to experience their death. During this period, the spouses have to adapt to their own age-related changes. Upon reaching middle age and gaining meaningful social status a man feels that becomes beautiful and attractive to young women, his wife at this time feels that it is for men, by contrast, becomes less interesting. If upon reaching middle age people suddenly for some reason are deprived of their social status, or forced to choose a favorite work, which have given many years – it can become for them a very tangible impact. Adolescent crisis is a reflection of family struggle for the support of the former order. Mother, accustomed to communicating with women, as with rivals, feels during this period that her relationship of trust with his daughter violated. A father may feel uncomfortable, torn between the daughter and wife. A similar conflict can occur when the boy grows up and the father have to communicate with him and as his son and as equals to adults. Problems arising on a Mature the timing of marriage, be solved much heavier than at first marriage, when a couple is unstable, and can easily create new rules and models of communication. Sometimes irritability and nervous tension, the couple may be associated with low physical activity. In this case, joint trips, sports can be a very effective tool for strengthening relationships in the family. Note also, how well do you sleep and on a healthy diet. Vitamins and healthy food can strengthen the nervous system and immune system. The child leaves his father’s house In the moments when someone leaves the family or comes into it – a family is experiencing the deepest crisis. It so happens that the most acute conflict can develop when leaving the house the eldest child; sometimes things are heating up with the care of younger children. Especially large-scale crisis can be when the family leaves the youngest child. Parents may feel empty, to feel that now nothing connects them together, and that they no longer what to say to each other. Aggravated old problems. At this time the number of divorces increases.

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