Bagua and family relationships Bagua eight trigrams, with which everything in the world can be classified as eight manifestations of the Yin-Yang. As you know, trigrams is a combination of three solid or broken lines.

But did you know that each of the trigrams of the Bagua has a “family” image? Let’s look at what this means.

Solid trait represents Yang energy and intermittent – energy Yin. A Yang trigram, if it is one or all three lines are solid. Otherwise trigram will be Yin.

Thus we get 4 Yang (male) trigrams and 4 Yin (female).

Trigram with all continuous traits has the most Yang energy and symbolizes the father. All the other trigrams, which are one Yang line – his sons.

If the solid feature of the trigram below – then is the eldest son

Solid feature of the trigrams in the middle – the middle son

Solid feature trigrams upstairs – the youngest son

On exactly the same principle all the Yin trigrams is a mother and daughter. They have absolutely the same rules.

As a person grows and Matures, it is influenced by different energy from different trigrams.

A boy the age of 15 years, experiences the influence of the trigrams of the younger son.

In the 15 years he becomes a teenager. And 30 years on it already affected trigram middle son .

From 30 to 45 years old the man is controlled by the trigram of the eldest son .

And when he marries and create their own family, will come under the influence of the trigrams of the father.

The principle of Bagua describes why once a person reaches a certain age or marital status, his life changes dramatically. Not surprising, since it receives the influence of the new, absolutely other energies!

If you combine the images of family members with the location of Bagua on parts of the world, we can see that each of them symbolizes one of eight directions.

If a particular sector, “associated” with a person poisoned with negative energy, it is not the best impact on the family member.

For example, according to the rules of Feng Shui apartment of irregular shape adverse. Especially if the missing sector “threatens” the source of malicious energy Sha. If therefore “suffers” North Zapadny sector, it means that the trigram father will suffer as well. In other words, the head of the family is difficult to realize their potential. As an unmarried woman who will live in this house, will have difficulty in finding a worthy husband. If you know about the causes of the problem, it is possible partially to solve and to protect the house from Sha means of Feng Shui.

Using the Bagua can also describe a natural phenomenon, occupation, aspects of life, body parts and much more. In one article about all the ways of use of the eight trigrams is just impossible to tell! So if you are interested in this topic, then subscribe to site updates. not to miss the release of new materials.

Bagua is a model change of the Universe and man. If it is correct to use this knowledge, you can analyze what is happening in our world!

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