2To obtain happiness need the mandatory presence of harmony and reciprocity in the relationship. It is impossible to get something without investing anything in return. What can I do to not feel lonely.


1. To overcome the vicissitudes of life, you need to stop your choice on the people close to you in character and values.

If your partner is weak and driven people, and you, in turn, is strong and independent and your spouse load you with their problems constantly, it is not necessary to wait, when all will fall into place by itself. Try to understand each other, to set the right priorities, do not take the extra load of problems partner, you not only risk not to deal with them, but may disappoint your partner. You can lose the inner connection between you. Create a family Council and to use it as often as possible.

2. Do not be silent when faced with something difficult, or have any difficulties.

Try to solve problems as they arise and not keep it all to myself. The task will be more difficult to solve than later you will voice. If you will be silent, then the partner will think something terrible and start to fantasize even more, trying to understand the reason, but it does not always lead to good consequences.

3. The acquisition of large and expensive items must be resolved together.

You should not notify your spouse after the date of purchase. You not only risk a quarrel, but also lose the respect of half to himself. Pre-and co should discuss things such as shift work, travel destination, time to hike to the guests and more. Do not neglect the role of partner in addressing such important issues.

4. Unfortunately, life and home Affairs it is impossible to escape, so the decision about whom and what responsibilities are enshrined, must also be taken.

Often some chores you can do together or by turns. There are times when one or another may engage in one. Cleaning, repairs, Ironing, cooking. In this case, while one is making the repairs, the second one can prepare for a delicious dinner or dessert. Or, for example, a woman washes or irons, and the man brings her flowers, these simple steps to easily compensate for fatigue and bad mood.

5. Discuss need all the details in advance.

How and on what to spend the money, time to study, schedule future work, going to the movies, meeting with friends and more. Avoid quarrels and conflicts should pay attention to the different moments of family life. The notion of time is the main place in a shared family life.

6. The important point of a good family life is the ability to forgive.

In life sometimes happen various unpleasant moments, nervous breakdowns of one of the spouses, a subsequent rudeness and resentment, it is important to maintain respect for each other and learn to forgive. Mutual aid and care should also be present in a good healthy relationship. Somebody could suddenly become ill, while the second should take care of it. Family hardships are different in degree of complexity, but it is the persistence in overcoming them and strengthens the family.

7. Children, as the Foundation of any family. Who but the children will bring harmony and fullness in the family?

The unwillingness of a partner to have children, at least, alarming. You should discuss the number of future children, estimated time of planning. You should not inform the man about the future of fatherhood when it’s too late to change something. Better to come to that decision together. Unwanted child is only a burden, a woman, leading to spite partner, is unlikely to be happy with it, and the child might be unhappy because of their parents ‘ relationships.

Both spouses should take care of children, so that in future the equivalent children loved and respected their parents.


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